Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sorry for this

Have some issues with Piracy and direct linking of my wordart. There is a web site that is actually listing and making available all my bits. The web site is Not just my things but others too. If you want to know if your freebies are on there just type your blog in there site search area.
I will be working on my freebies today to try and figure out a way to still make it easy for my blog visitors to get them and enjoy them. In the mean time please be patient and keep checking back.
I had been told to make each of my wordart available with a password and have you email me for that word. Don't know yet what I will do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. For those of you who would like the password for the wordart, email me at and I will send it to you.
Have a great one my friends, I will be having a busy one.

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Celticbabe said...

It is so sad that so many people are dishonest! I am glad that you have found a way to stop this stealing. Thank you for all you have made in the past, all you will make in the future, and thank you for sharing your talent!