Thursday, October 18, 2012

Candy Corn

 Love candy corn...the original....not all the new flavors they have come up with. I usually have a bowl with candy in it sitting on the counter. You know M&M's or whatever, but this time of year it is candy corn. Soon tho that will be replaced by "Angel Food" also known as sponge candy.....I think I wait all year for that one because it means Christmas is coming!!!!
Hope you can find a use for this one and Thanks for stopping by....don't forget to leave me a smile.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Love this, thanx...I too love the original candy corn. Hope you have a lovely weekend making memories. BTW, love this background on here too! Luv you as well! hugs!! Mat

jayleigh3 said...

i LOVE candy corn! My grandfather used to carry a little white bag of it in his suit coat pocket 24-7-365! In the other pocket, he had peppermints! Thanks for the WA, it brings back great memories of my g-pa. (He was born in 19872, and died in 1956 when i was 13) i miss him still!

MizDenise said...

i love candy corn! thanks for generously sharing your talents!