Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Only in your dreams

This is also from that 4shared if you have it from last year, thanks for downloading....if not well, here is a new one for you. The line in the song says "in my dreams" but ya know, there are people in our lifes that we still wish were here to help celebrate this time of year(or anytime for that matter) so this is for them, the ones we have lost from our lives but not from our hearts or our dreams. Hope you can use this one to honor those who will forever be a part of each day.


smiekeltje said...

Beautiful thoughts to go with your wordart! Yes, we have lots of people that aren;t with us anymore, but the good ones always stay with us in our hearts and minds.
I already worried a little bit, because you didn;t blog for several days LOL. I suppose you are very busy preparing all for Christmas.
Take it as easy as you can, in one way or another all will be done at time, no fun in getting too stressed.
Have a magical day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Thank you for getting this one back up to download!!! And thank you for sharing all of your wonderful work for all of talentless out here! Merry Christmas!!!---Fradji

Anonymous said...

thank you soo much for this :) - Melanie

Camille Short said...

Love it! Thanks for the awesome freebie!