Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So proud to call you my Dad

I was lucky I think, I had two Dads ... one gave me life, the other taught me how to live that life. Both have passed away now and I miss them. Such different men, amazing how different and yet there were things about both of them that were the same. Anyway ... I have used Kyra's kit "Always near to me" to make this qp for you all. I have both the 8x8 and the 5x7 (you know right, those neat frames at Walmart LOL)  Stop by RDH and take a look around, Kyra has some new kits and some awesome shots of her garden. Thanks for stopping by... don't forget to leave me a small smile, it means a lot.

Mediafire    ( 5x7 )
Boxnet (5x7)


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Another gorgeous offering! Thank you so very much for sharing with me! Love all your work my dear friend! Have a beautiful "hump" day! Hugs, Mat

IsaMaria said...

beautiful your work. i love all!