Saturday, September 21, 2013


I am trying to catch up with all the new designs Kyra (RDH) has made. So many and so nice. Please take a moment and check out her site(the link is on the right) This quick page was made from her kit called " Something Wonderful " Hope you like and can find that perfect photo for it.
I am healing good, all parts seem to be working again (somewhat) and the weather has turned fall like today. Awesome!!! So I am a happy camper!!  Hubby is canning Spaghetti sauce and the whole house smells like Heaven!!! LOL He loves doing this and hey it keeps him off the streets and out of trouble.
Thanks for stopping by have a great Saturday.


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely QP...

smiekeltje said...

Beautiful page you've made.
I am happy that you are heaing well, and that soon you can leave it all behind you.
Great your Hubby loves to can the spaghetti sauce LOL. abd as you say, it keeps him off the streets hahahaha.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Lovely page as always and I thank you for sharing, so happy you are feeling more like yourself! Hugs!!

HappyScreens said...

Glad you are feeling better! This QP is gorgeous - thank you!

Janytime said...

Hope you are feeling better from the gallbladder problem. I love following your blog and hope it continues to give you joy! I'm a "mimi" (grandma) and have been suffering with intermittent gallbladder attacks since late January of this year; fear it will need to come out also in the near future and hope it can be done with laser surgery when my time comes.