Friday, January 3, 2014

It used to be

A wonderful kit by Kyra (RDH) called " Long ago Christmas" made me think of Christmas a few years ago. My whole family was there, laughing, smiling..just enjoying each other. What we didn't know then was that one of my sisters would have a battle with cancer and lose. Sad ... oh yes, but the memories of her and that Christmas and many other times will stay with me forever.. I used this qp for one of those memories, I will post it on my other blog later.
In the mean time I have 3 Grandchildren sleeping over tonight and I am feeling all of my 65 years LOL So off to keep them happy and read some good night stories.
Take care all and thanks for stopping by.


smiekeltje said...

We do have to remember good Christmas times with our loved ones, the more when they passed away.
Hope you survive the sleeping over of the 3 grandchildren LOL!
Happy day

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

This is beautiful Linda, thanks for all you share with me...I enjoy your gifts and your thoughts! Stay warm my friend. Hugs, Mat