Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Even if your the only one

Took me longer than normal to get this one up for you all. My computer and Google seem to have been at odds with each other the past few days!! Still not working great, kind of slow, but will give it a try and hope this works. RDH has a beautiful kit called "Music for the soul" and I have made this qp for you. I have a grand daughter who is 7 and she is someone who I believe will always dance to her own music... she is not afraid of much (maybe cus she is the youngest and has 3 older brothers LOL) but she fits this word art and qp to a T!!
Hope you can use it... thanks so much for stopping by, take care all


smiekeltje said...

Oh yes, so true this word art LOL. People may look a bit surprised or more if you suddenly start to dance(I do that sometimes when Jan and I are out walking, grin) but we shouldn;t care about it. As long as it makes you happy, just do it!
Lovely page again, You always come up with so tasteful ones, you are a gifted lady!
Have a wonderful week.

Genie Wooden said...

thank you this is very pretty

Dawn McFadden said...

Love the qp thank you

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Awesome page and I thank you so very much for sharing it! Hugs.