Sunday, August 3, 2014


I know I have used this word art before, but it's still summer and lakes and beaches are still being visited right??!! Not here though I am sad to say... we have been busy cutting wood and getting ready for winter. I know hard to understand when the temp is 85* but winter here in northern Wisconsin can be oh so cold (last year was oh so bad) we went thru all our wood and so we had to start filling up the wood racks while we could. We used our fireplace alot (it is great to look at but unless you are 12 inches from it, it doesn't do much for heat) this year we are going to try and get a free standing wood stove for the house... we will see.
I used Kyra's kit "at the beach" for this qp. Hope you like and find that perfect photo for it. Kyra (RDH) had some computer problems, but keep checking, I am hope she is back soon.
Okay, off to enjoy a quiet Sunday afternoon...Thanks for stopping and have a great day!!


smiekeltje said...

Hi Linda,

yeah. I'm back. Well, kind of LOL.
Will take some time to get all stash back and find new one and be ready for designing again. But I am happy I can use internet again and such.
It's a long time not having a computer for almost two weeks.
Till later

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely QP.
I hope you are able to get enough wood to keep you going through your next winter (and also the stove you mentioned...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks my sweet friend for this lovely QP...I know I have the perfect photo for it...wish you could take some of this horrible humidity and heat from Texas and store it away for your awful winter time...right now, we are back on the climb towards the triple digits for a few days (the whole weekend), the little respite we had was so wonderful, but...after all this is August (the hottest month for us) and it is supposed to be in the 100' I think I will continue to stay inside in the AC! ROFL, guess I should be happy that I am still here and able to complain, right?
Have a great week and hope you and Dennis get that wood and the stove in before the snow and raw winds hit! Many hugs sent your way!
Mat :)

Genie Wooden said...

love this QP thank you for sharing