Friday, November 14, 2014

Season of blessing and Graditude...

I think there is still time to offer a fall qp... right?? even tho we do have snow on the ground up here!!! We got about 4 inches and with the temps being oh so cold, I have a feeling it's not going anywhere till Spring (plus I am sure more will be added) I used a kit called "Harvest of Memories" by Digicats for this qp.
Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?? I don't do the meal, my daughter or my son usually does it. No dirty dishes and still lots of leftovers...what a deal!!!
So now a surprise of coming attractions.... Starting December 1st (if my computer cooperates) I will be posting presents. All wrapped up so there is no peeking till you open them. I did this once before and most of them are on 4 shared(which I don't use.) so might post some of them too.
I also have some Christmas cards that I will be posting. they are 4x8 and fit in a business envelope. Will give you more instructions when I post them. Will be a busy time here because along with stuff on the computer, we are going to be tearing out our (for decoration not heat) fireplace and putting in an Englander 2200 freestanding wood stove in our family room. Our home is one level but long and propane is so much, we are hoping this helps. As long as I can't decorate for Christmas till the mess is done in the house....I might as well wrap up some presents for all of you LOL
Okay done for today, have Susie home maker things to take care of...
Take care and thanks so much for stopping by...hope you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving filled with Love and Family


smiekeltje said...

Suxh a vibrant color for the qp, love it.
Oh you are making me curious about the "wrapped"presents.
Oh dear, hope the new fireplace will do its job and leave you in an all warmed up room and more.
Yes, you will have a bit of mess till it will be installed, but you will be so happy to have it done.
Wishing you warm days to come(in the house).

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

So lovely as usual and looking forward to the presents...all except the snow you seem to be sharing....ROFLMAO!!! Thing is, here yesterday, gone today...and temps heading from 25 (with wind chill of 17) to 70 by the end of the week. No wonder so, so, so many folks are sick (I only had 2 days of it)! Thanks for the lovely QP and good luck with the "de-construction" of your fireplace, if it is true about the rumors for this winter...I may have to turn on my central heat and not use my little "electric" fireplaces!! Big bunches of hugs sent your way from all of us! Mat