Saturday, June 27, 2015

Soul Song

Days have a way of rushing by without us noticing don't they. Sorry it has been awhile... not been so super busy but just life being life!! The designer of most of the kits I make Kyra, has been not feeling well but she has managed to find some hidden gems on her computer that she has shared. This one is called " Solveig's Song" If you get a chance stop by her blog and wish her a continued recovery. This lady does so much and I for one greatly appreciate all of it.
Summer is in full swing around here, granddaughter has baseball, hubby is (believe it or not) cutting down dead trees to get wood ready for burning this winter LOL
Right now I am off to hang wash out on the clothes line...I love doing that in the summer, especially the sheets from the bed (except when i find a bee that has hitched a ride into the house).
Take care all and thanks for stopping by


smiekeltje said...

Know what you mean by"days rush by without noticing".
Here the same. But I have every week more energy, weight is growing, yippee, (still need some more), so in all things are going rather well.
Good job of your hubby, cutting down dead trees now. Never can start too soon with preparing stock for winter!
You've made another lovely quickpage and thanks for the so kind words on your blog!
You're a special lady.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead,

TraceyTil said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful quick page! Happy Sunday and week to come!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Another beauty Miss Boots...Lovely sentiments too! I so wish I could hang clothes out to place for a clothesline, besides with all the smog & feral animals, nothing would be clean for long...LOL! Glad you are having a little nice weather for a change. We're just hot, hot, hot, humid, hot, hot, hot, humid! But then it is almost July in Texas....LMBO! Thanks for all you share and of course I thank Kyra all the time, she is one fantastic designer and friend! Hugs to ya girlfriend for a terrific week ahead making lots and lots of memories to share. BTW...I think we need some summery backgrounds...don't you? LOL...since you have nothing else to do....ROFL....just kidding!! Luv ya, Mat

Corrine Corbin said...

Lovely page. Now I have to find a scrap book software to use it in. I've lost my photo shop for a couple of months, till I get to the new house in August and my computer hiccuped so I had to do a refresh and anything that wasn't original was erased so now I have to find that box of software also.

But I'm spending more time messing around on the computer since it's over 100 and I have COPD and have to have O2 pretty much all the time now (some asbestos in the lungs). Temps like what we've been having mean I'm indoors with the AC.

But I've found some college courses for free-not for credits so I've been enjoying them. So far am doing just great.

Thanks for the page.

B. said...

Hi Linda,
I found your site via Pinterest. Thank you for creating all these quick pages. I am new to digital scrapping and look forward to playing and learning. Thanks again,
Happy Scrapping
Bernadette in Wilmington NC

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